Custom Orthotics

At Infinite Motion, we will only prescribe or dispense orthotics as a part of a more comprehensive treatment program for your feet and ankles. Your gait and movement is incredibly complicated. Custom orthotics can be used in conjunction with a structured and personalize strength and conditioning routine to help manage arch pain, heel pain and forefoot pain. The use of custom orthotics can temporarily correct abnormalities in your feet to promote a healthier gait pattern.

Your foot is like your fingerprint – you will never another just like it. As such, generic arch support products may not be all that helpful. We understand and accept that even custom orthotics in isolation will not “fix” the problem. However, we feel strongly they have a place in a certain populations rehabilitation program. Most extended health benefits will cover the cost of this product.

If we recommend custom orthotics, be rest assured you will receive a personalized at-home conditioning program designed to provide natural strength and mobility to your feet. This is the true solution for your chronic foot and ankle dysfunctions. In addition to your custom orthotics and at-home care plan, Infinite Motion will use manual medicine to further aid in your recovery.


Medical Grade Compression Stockings

Prescription compression stockings are designed to help prevent and control the progression of disorders of your lower limb venous structures. Varicose veins are one of the most common conditions co-managed by compression stockings. If your job requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time (think nurses and other support workers), it is important to consider medical grade compression stockings. These products will help reduce swelling, aid in the prevention of venous blood clots, as well as improve blood/fluid flow. Compression stockings can also aid in relieving the symptoms associated with skin ulcers and deep vein thrombosis. It is important to be consistent with your use of compression stockings if you fall into the category of “always-on-your-feet.”

Every individual will have a different upper and lower leg circumference. In order for compression stockings to work optimally, it is important to be fitted and measured by a medical professional. Generic stockings are not medical grade compressions – as such, they do not provide the same preventative and symptom relief value.

The Infinite Motion team will design a treatment program based around your specific history and dysfunctions. Manual medicine in the form of myofascial release if one of the best ways to naturally improve soft tissue and fluid movement in the lower limbs. As always, we will not prescribe or dispense a product that we do not believe in. Medical grade compression stockings will be prescribed as an adjunct to your treatment program.

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